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Kuwait votes to elect new parliament

Parliament in Kuwait has more teeth than in some other Gulf countries, and Ministers, including members of the royal family, are often called to parliament for grilling by MPs, and sessions are aired on national television. Parliament also has the power to remove government ministers from their post, and to call for a no-confidence vote in the government.
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Opinion: Turkey is the new major power in the South Caucasus

Turkey has challenged Russian monopoly in the South Caucasus. Ankara's deep military partnership with neighboring Azerbaijan, and its decision to openly support the latter during the fighting in the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict zone significantly asserted its role in the conflict and the region, argues Fuad Shahabzov in this op-ed
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Burkina Faso votes despite violent insurgency

Voting took place on Sunday (22 November) in presidential and parliamentary elections in Burkina Faso, a landlocked country in the Sahel Region of Africa. The elections were overshadowed by violence from an Islamist insurgency. President Kabore is expected to win reelection, while opposition candidates have warned of "massive electoral fraud." Official results are not expected for some days
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Tensions rise between Morocco and the POLISARIO Front in Western Sahara

The UN, through its mission – MINURSO, is still expected to maintain the ceasefire, and take quick steps to determine the political future of the Sahara. Yet the effectiveness of MINURSO, without a renewed commitment from Morocco and the Polisario Front, is doubtful.
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The debate about Europe's role in the neighbourhood and the world

commonspace.eu is evolving. We are stepping up as part of our mission to contribute to the debate about Europe’s future role in the world, and we are expanding our coverage to include the whole European neighbourhood to the East and to the South. We aim to provide accurate news and original analysis, and offer a forum for diverse views and opinions.
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Interview: Lasha Darsalia discusses Georgia's relations with Russia and South Caucasus regional co-operation

Lasha Darsalia, Deputy Foreign Minister of Georgia discusses relations with Russia, and how Georgia views the recent agreement ending the Karabakh War in this exclusive interview with commonspace.eu. He also lays his vision for South Caucasus regional co-operation.