Our Vision

commonspace.eu is an independent information and analysis website, providing original content on a range of topics affecting Europe and its neighbourhood. Alongside publishing daily articles, it is home to the Concise newsletter series and Unpacked podcasts, helping its audience to determine not only what’s occurring, but why it is relevant; and maintains a number of social media channels to encourage discussion over the issues it covers.

commonspace.eu is owned and managed by LINKS Europe Stichting, sharing its ethos for a secure and prosperous Europe in friendship and solidarity with its neighbourhood; and a democratic, citizen-oriented European Union as an international force for good.

About Us

Our Mission

commonspace.eu is based in The Hague, the Netherlands, where its core team of analysts work with partners and contributors from across Europe and beyond to help understand and explain complex geopolitical issues. Its readership includes decision makers and opinion shapers, seeking to put global news and events in a wider context.

commonspace.eu provides a platform for diverse views and opinions. All contributions must adhere to a set of guidelines contained in the site’s code of conduct, which aims to ensure respect for free speech and tolerance; excludes any material which inflames racial, religious or political hatred; and ensures respect, regardless of race, religion, gender, sexual orientation and cultural identity.

commonspace.eu is a space for many views and opinions but takes a principled position on issues where necessary.


Our History 

commonspace.eu was established in 2011, to contribute to the public debate in and about the Caucasus and the region's relations with Europe, focusing primarily on the need for peace in the region, on the value of regional cooperation, and on strengthening relations between the countries of the region and Europe.

On 1 May 2019 LINKS Europe took over the ownership and management of commonspace.eu, after which the focus of the website expanded beyond the Caucasus to Europe and its neighbourhood east and south.



commonspace.eu and LINKS Europe are funded through project work, subscriptions, memberships. donations and sponsorships. Where funding is directly related to a particular content, this is clearly attributed. Our editorial line and operational modalities are independent from our funding and funders. In case of any directly sponsored content, this will be stated clearly and transparently.


Contributing to commonspace.eu 

The editorial team of commonspace.eu welcomes contributions in the form of news items, press releases, commentaries and op-eds. Please send your contributions to newsroom@commonspace.eu


Important Disclaimer 

Opinions and reports on this website come from diverse sources. We aim to ensure that every item has a clearly identifiable source to enable readers to form a better judgement of its content. Opinions are sometimes controversial and often do not necessarily reflect the views of LINKS Europe Stichting or its funders and partners.

Reproduction of site material and acknowledgements

Material on this website may be reproduced subject to the following conditions:

  • Material must not be reproduced in a way that will distort the original meaning of the item.

  • Material on the website that is from other sources is subject to copyright rules of the original source.

  • All material reproduced from commonspace.eu must have a clear acknowledgement to the site as its source.

Contributing to commonspace.eu

The editorial team of commonspace.eu welcomes contributions in the form of news items, press releases, commentaries and op-eds. Please send your contributions to newsroom@commonspace.eu

About LINKS Europe

commonspace.eu is an activity of LINKS Europe, a foundation registered and based in The Hague, the Netherlands, and which forms a part of the LINKS network, established in London in July 1997.

Our core mission is to support the peaceful resolution of conflicts and to contribute towards a secure and prosperous Europe that is in friendship and in solidarity with its neighbourhood, by, inter alia:

- Contributing towards the understanding of conflicts, and their peaceful resolution;

- Research and Analysis to help inform decision making and future action;

- Campaigning to raise awareness on issues of importance;

- Dissemination to help engage with decision makers, opinion shapers and grassroots communities.

Visit the LINKS Europe website for more information.

Our Work

New ideas for alternative peaceful scenarios

Developing new ideas for peaceful alternatives to global or regional scenarios where conflict is deemed inevitable or intractable is an urgent priority for the peacebuilding community. LINKS’s past work on confidence-building measures and on the role of Track 2 diplomacy in support of peace processes forms the foundation for its work.

Dialogue, Analysis and Research

Good analysis, based on solid research, helps inform dialogues that can contribute to global and regional peace and security. Among the topics that LINKS Europe is currently working on are issues related to the future of European Security; the EU’s ambitions for a global or geopolitical Europe; Radicalisation; Disinformation; Conflicts in the Caucasus, and EU-GCC relations.

Campaigning for just causes

LINKS Europe believes in providing a space for dialogue between differing opinions. On some issues, however, we take a principled position and campaign for objectives in which we believe. A good example is our campaign Landmine Free South Caucasus where we work with partners across the region and in the international community.

Outreach to decision-makers, opinion shapers, and grassroots communities

LINKS Europe engages with governments, parliaments, think tanks, NGOs and businesses in order to share its knowledge and help shape policy and opinion. It does this through its online resources, publications, and outreach activities, such as The Hague Conversations on Conflict, policy dialogues and conferences.