Qatar Red Crescent Society launches new project to support vulnerable people in Yemen

The Qatar Red Crescent Society (QRCS) has launched a new, comprehensive health and nutrition response project to provide life-saving aid to Yemen's most impoverished communities. This initiative targets 125,898 internally displaced persons (IDPs) and local residents in the hard-to-reach areas of Maqbanah District in Taiz Governorate. Funded with $1 million from the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) Yemen Humanitarian Fund (YHF), the project focuses on remote and underserved mountainous regions affected by armed conflict. It offers a range of health and nutrition services designed to enhance primary, secondary, and surgical healthcare, as well as preventive and therapeutic nutrition services for children and women.

At the forefront of this initiative, QRCS teams are diligently overseeing the rehabilitation and operation of six health facilities in the area, a task that includes the restoration of two hospitals and four health centres. These facilities are being regularly supplied with a comprehensive range of medical equipment, furniture, medications, consumables, and operational support. The project also includes a capacity-building component for health workers at these facilities, featuring training courses on nutritional counselling, mass immunization, infection control, and community management of acute malnutrition. To ensure the smooth operation of these facilities, the project also provides monthly salaries for the staff.

Mobile clinics are deployed to remote camps and areas lacking medical services to extend their reach. These clinics aim to (1) deliver primary healthcare services, particularly in reproductive health and paediatrics, (2) promote awareness of healthy infant nutrition and infection prevention, and (3) facilitate a referral system for patients requiring advanced medical care to the supported hospitals and health centres.

Source: with other agencies.



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