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Russia holds tactical military exercises in Belarus

Russian soldiers re-deployed to Belarus in October 2022 will soon start holding tactical military exercises there, Russian news agency Interfax reported, based on information from the Russian Ministry of Defence.

It is not yet clear when and where in the country the exercises will take place. According to authorities, nine thousand Russian troops were reportedly moved to Belarus in October. Russian President Vladimir Putin is travelling to Minsk on Monday (19 December) to meet his counterpart Belarusian President Vladimir Lukashenko.

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Opinion: 2022 started promising from the perspective of peace between Armenia and Azerbaijan but prospects for 2023 are bleak

Opinion: 2022 started promising from the perspective of peace between Armenia and Azerbaijan but prospects for 2023 are bleak

Russia's attempts to show Armenia and Azerbaijan its red lines during the summit in Sochi on 31 October disrupted a positive moment in Armenia-Azerbaijan relations that had been ongoing throughout 2022. A deterioration in Azerbaijan-Iran relations has further hightened tensions in the region. "One can foresee that new escalations and hostilities will be imminent, if the peace efforts fail to deliver tangible outcomes between Armenia and Azerbaijan, and if some external actors continue to fuel the tensions in the region", writes Vasif Huseynov in this op-ed for
Under the Pall of War: Implications of Russia's Invasion of Ukraine for Peace Processes in the South Caucasus
Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in February 2022 shattered Europe’s security architecture, with far-reaching and unpredictable implications for conflicts in neighbouring regions where Russia plays a role. This discussion paper, just published by Conciliation Resources, focuses on the impacts of war in Ukraine on the peace processes of the South Caucasus, a region fractured by protracted conflicts dating back to the 1990s.
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Azerbaijan, Hungary, Romania, and Georgia agree on project for a new electricity cable under the Black Sea

On Saturday (17 December) at a meeting in Bucharest, the leaders of Azerbaijan, Georgia, Romania and Hungary signed an agreement to construct a new underwater electric cable through the Black Sea, connecting the South Caucasus region to the European Union. The cable will provide Europe with Azerbaijani energy. 

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Germany opens first floating liquid natural gas terminal

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz and other ministers inaugurated on Saturday morning (17 December) the country's first liquid natural gas (LNG) terminal in Wilhelmshaven in northern Germany, a project expected to supply around 6% of the country's energy demand. At the inauguration, Scholz stated that the rapid completion of the plant demonstrates that Germany's powerful economy will remain resilient in the face of the energy crisis compounded by the conflict in Ukraine.

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Biden hosts Africa at the White House
US president Joe Biden hosted the leaders of 49 African nations in Washington DC 13-15 December sending a strong signal of US determination to increase its engagement with the African continent A read-out from the US State Department said that "the 3-day summit continued efforts to  strenghten ties with African partners based on principles of mutual respect and shared interests and values. It also served as an opportunity to listen to and collaborate with African counterparts on key areas the United States and Africa define as critical for the future of the continent and our global community. "   Delegations from all 49 invited African countries and the African Union, alongside members of civil society and the private sector attended the summit. The President, Vice President, and members of the US government engaged extensively with leaders throughout the Summit. The summit has received a lot of attention across the world, as many see it as an expression of US will to challenge the creeping influence of China and Russia on the African continent.
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