GEU Podcast: How to deal with China? – with Ardi Bouwers

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For decades, the European Union and China have eyed each other from a distance. Both economic giants in their own right, they saw huge benefit in co-operating with each other, blending their different economic strengths in what appeared to be a win-win situation.

More recently, however, China has been acting in increasingly threatening ways; and it is becoming ever clearer that the EU needs a coherent strategy for relations with Beijing. In the words of the EU High Representative, Josep Borrell:

'We only have a chance if we deal with China with collective discipline.'

In our latest episode of the Global Europe Unpacked podcast, I speak to Ardi Bouwers – a Sinologist and Director of the consultancy, China Circle, specialising in intercultural communication and media. We discuss:

  • the EU-China relationship and differences in values;
  • how the Chinese Communist Leadership perceives Europe;
  • bilateral relations between China and EU member-states;
  • why a collective EU strategy on China could benefit Europe; and
  • in which areas a positive agenda with China can be constructed.

The podcast is available on all of the usual channels and, each Thursday at 16:00, it can also be heard on Radio GIPA FM 94.3 in Tbilisi.

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