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Uzbekistan foreign trade turnover up nearly 20%, Turkmenistan gains

Uzbekistan's foreign trade turnover as a whole exceeded $50bn in 2022, an increase of 18.6% or $7.8bn compared to 2021. 

Russia remains Uzbekistan's largest foreign trading partner, constituting $9.2bn - or just under 20% - of Uzbekistan's foreign trade in 2022.

Neighbours Turkmenistan, who for many years have been one of the most economically isolated countries in the world, has also seen its trade with Uzbekistan increase.

patrickn97 Fri, 02/03/2023 - 13:14 EU and Uzbekistan officials meet to discuss ties, promise to expand cooperation
The Uzbek Minister of Investments, Industry and Trade Laziz Qudratov hosted the head of the delegation of the EU in Uzbekistan Charlotte Adriaen on Monday (30 January) to discuss ways to advance bilateral ties in trade, economic and investment spheres. The parties explored the opportunities for expanding the main areas of bilateral financial and technical cooperation, and discussed the EU's Multi-Annual Indicative Programme for Uzbekistan (MIP), the implementation of which has been allocated €76m for the period 2021-2024. Additional funds for the same time frame were also earmarked for Human Rights support (€3.6m), and Civil Society Organisation (€3.4m). The MIP 2021-2027 has three main priorities, namely effective governance and digital transformation; inclusive, digital and green growth, and the development of a smart eco-friendly agri-food sector.
patrickn97 Wed, 02/01/2023 - 12:14

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