South Caucasus

Stories under this heading cover the South Caucasus – a region encompassing Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia, as well as the unrecognised entities of Abkhazia, South Ossetia, and Nagorno-Karabakh.

For those interested specifically in Armenian-Azerbaijani relations and events and developments in and around Nagorno-Karabakh following the 2020 44-day war, check out our sister page,

Opinion: the future will show whether May 2023 was a breakthrough or another missed chance

The last month has probably been the single most active period in the long and complicated peace negotiation process between Azerbaijan and Armenia, writes Murad Muradov in this op-ed for The two countries' leaders have met three times, and a few significant developments have happened in between. So, depending on what we see in the coming weeks, May 2023 will go down in history either as a time of historic breakthrough or another big missed chance.

patrickn97 Thu, 06/08/2023 - 09:32 Opinion: the Armenia-Azerbaijan peace process needs inclusive multitrack diplomacy

As movement towards an agreement between Armenia and Azerbaijan gathers momentum, a multi-track approach needs to emerge in order to make any peace more sustainable, writes Onnik James Krikorian for

patrickn97 Tue, 06/06/2023 - 10:03

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