International community gives cautious welcome to Karabakh deal

There has been a cautious welcome to the agreement between Armenia, Azerbaijan and Russia to end the Karabakh war and lay down the way forward in resolving the conflict between Armenians and Azerbaijanis over the territory.

The European Union, the United States and the United Nations have given a cautious welcome to the deal hailing the end of hostilities but stopping short of commenting on the details of the plan.

For the EU, High Representative Jospe Borrell issued a short stament saying:

"I welcome the cessation of hostilities in and around Nagorno Karabakh. The Russian-brokered ceasefire that has been agreed on Monday between Armenia and Azerbaijan will help to prevent the further loss of life and is hopefully a first step towards a comprehensive settlement. Negotiations will now need to ensure that any settlement is sustainable. The European Union continues to support the established, OSCE Minsk Group Co-chairs led, format and stand ready to contribute to these efforts and to the implementation of agreements for a peaceful and prosperous development of the entire South Caucasus region."

There were also statements welcoming the agreement by the UN, US and UK.


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