Aliev and Medvedev meet in Sochi

Azerbaijan President Ilham Aliev has arrived in Sochi for meetings with President Medvedev.

Welcoming the Azerbaijani President, Medvedev said that the talks will focus on current state of bilateral relations, regional issues and international affairs. "The dialogue between our two countries runs very well. But, of course, there are issues on which to consult or to clarify positions. "

Medvedev said that relations between the two countries were very good and that bilateral agreements form the basis of future relations. He added that there were issues on which the two sides needed to consult. He added that they will also focus on the Karabakh conflict. "The solution of regional problems is very important for us, because we are neighbours, as well as very close friends, partners", added the Russian President.  

Ilham Aliev thanked the Russian leader for his invitation. "I am very glad to meet you again in Sochi, this time in the summer. Our meetings are usually held during the winter, so for me it is also very interesting to visit here for the first time in the summer and, most importantly, have the opportunity to meet with you and discuss the issues you mentioned. In fact, our agenda is very extensive. All bilateral issues are almost resolved. And the agreements which you mentioned are the proof of what has been done in recent years, and reflect the form, spirit and character of our relations: friendly, good-neighborly partnership".

Aliev thanked Medvedev for his efforts to resolve the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict. "We in Azerbaijan very much appreciate your personal involvement in this process".  This is the main problem of regional security, and, of course, Azerbaijan is interested more than anyone else in the earliest settlement of the conflict, so that all displaced persons can return to their homes and so that we can have in the region at peace, tranquility and cooperation".

The talks continue.


source: newsroom with reporting from the website of the President of Russia

photo courtesy of the Press Service of the President of Russia

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